Qatar National Choral Association

The Qatar National Choral Association (QNCA) is a non-profit LLC(G) registered in the State of Qatar. Its goal is to serve the local choral community and to help foster the growth of choral music and choral singing in Qatar, while reaching out and linking with like-minded organizations regionally and in the larger international choral community. In addition, the QNCA actively seeks to promote and disseminate Arab and Qatari choral music internationally, raising awareness of the rich singing traditions in this country and region.

Membership in QNCA is open to choirs, choral conductors, composers, choral organizations, choral projects, and choral events. In addition to its members, QNCA actively seeks to connect and partner with government and private sector entities that support the growth and development of choral music in Qatar and beyond. 

The QNCA is the host for the upcoming World Symposium on Choral Music to be held in Qatar in 2023. This marks the first time this prestigious international choral event will come to the Middle East, and it is a unique opportunity both to raise awareness of choral music in this part of the world and to showcase the very best of Arab and Qatari musical and singing culture to the elite of the international choral world.